41, JALAN GAYA 27,
81800 ULU TIRAM,


Bosch PBD7232SG

Bosch PBD7331MS

Bosch PBD7331MS

Bosch PBD9331MS

RM 1,168.00Add to CartRM 738.00Add to CartRM 1,268.00Add to CartRM 1,398.00Add to Cart

Bosch CMG633BS1B

Bosch HMT84G654B

Bosch CSG656RS1 Series 8

Bosch HBG655HS1

RM 7,288.00Add to CartRM 2,588.00Add to CartRM 10,888.00Add to CartRM 5,688.00Add to Cart

Bosch WTA-74201SG 7KG Vented Dryer

Bosch WTE-84105GB 7KG Condenser Dryer

Bosch WTB-86201SG 8KG Condenser Dryer

Bosch WTw-87560GB Heat Pump Condenser Dryer (9KG)

RM 1,988.00Add to CartRM 2,538.00Add to CartRM 3,458.00Add to CartRM 6,098.00Add to Cart

Bosch DWB097E50

Bosch DEE928PSG

Bosch DKE906HMY

Bosch DKE908PMY

RM 2,788.00Add to CartRM 2,288.00Add to CartRM 1,238.00Add to CartRM 1,038.00Add to Cart

Bosch SMV68TX06E (Built-In)

Bosch SMI46MS03E (Built-In)

Bosch SMS63L08EA

Bosch SMS63L02EA

RM 7,688.00Add to CartRM 4,988.00Add to CartRM 3,498.00Add to CartRM 3,358.00Add to Cart

Bosch PXE675DC1E

Bosch PID631BB1E

Bosch PKE645C17E

Bosch PIE631FB1E

RM 5,888.00Add to CartRM 3,988.00Add to CartRM 2,398.00Add to CartRM 3,788.00Add to Cart

Bosch KAI90VI20G

Bosch KAN62V00

Bosch KGN56XI40

Bosch KDN56VI35N

RM 13,888.00Add to CartRM 7,388.00Add to CartRM 4,088.00Add to CartRM 3,088.00Add to Cart

Bosch WVG-30461GB Washer & Dryer

Bosch WAK20060SG

Bosch WAP28380SG

Bosch WAT24480SG

RM 3,588.00Add to CartRM 1,888.00Add to CartRM 3,388.00Add to CartRM 2,688.00Add to Cart

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